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Bloomroom Flexi Tray 95 x 95 x 20cm

Bloomroom Flexi Tray 95 x 95 x 20cm

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Bloomroom Flexi Rez Catchment Trays

Introducing the new Bloomroom Flexi Rez Catchment Trays. The trays come flat packed for easy storage and transport. This feature also ensures easier installation. The Flexi Rez catchment trays are the perfect insurance policy for any irrigation systems. They are also superb for the home growing enthusiast who may have limited access to their growroom. The trays where designed to fit where no trays have been able to fit before and are mail order friendly. The Flexi-mat is made of incredibly resilient waterproof material that is also flexible, and easy to construct. It’s so straightforward that it can assembled in a matter of minutes! This hard-wearing design can stop any leaks from spilling out of your reservoir, allowing for a hassle-free clean-up and also has a handy tap to drain out every last drop of spillage. It comes complete with a sturdy water catchment tray, legs and feet. It is the ideal solution to a lot of grow room/reservoir leak worries, and is perfect for people using hydroponic systems with large reservoirs such as Wilma, Autopot, Multiflow and others. The flexi trays come flat packed which makes them super easy, quick and simple to set up.

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