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C3 Very Reflective Sheeting 100M x 1.2m

C3 Very Reflective Sheeting 100M x 1.2m

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When looking at a large area, the emissivity of various surfaces must be considered. Most materials found on the surface of buildings will have a relatively high emissivity but there will still be noticeable differences in the perceived image due to a change in surface material.

This can be overcome by a detailed knowledge of the building under investigation. Some metals and glass can reflect infra-red radiation and apparent hot spots can be a reflection from a hot object near by.

A thermal imager detects and displays surface temperatures. The surface temperature under normal conditions is the result of heat energy conduction through the walls from a heated object or internal room. Moisture is an excellent conductor of heat and when insulation (like glaswool or open cel insulation) is damp it will become a conductor rather than an reflector or insulator. A measure of the ability of a surface to radiate energy as measured by the ratio of the radiant flux per unit area to that of the radiated by a black body at the same temperature.

Example: Black Body = 1.00

Red rough house brick = 0.93

C3 ADF foil = 0.055

Moisture is an efficient conductor of heat. Wet or damp renders your insulation and or your mission not to be detected useless.

C3 Anti Detection foil is not hygroscopic

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