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Can Fan 4A Satellite Iso max Stepped Controller

Can Fan 4A Satellite Iso max Stepped Controller

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Can-Fan Digital EC Fan Controller full feature environmental control Can Fan introduces LCD EC Fan Controller, an advanced climate controller with LCD Screen, that allows you set temperature and humidity, besides other interesting functions like hysteresis, negative pressure, maximum and minimum speed of CAN Fan EC extractors. The Can Fan EC Controller works only in conjunction with Can Fan EC extractors, built with most modern technology, being more energetically efficient, and guaranteeing more power and less electrical consumption. • Temperature day • Temperature hysteresis day • Humidity day • Humidity hysteresis day • Minimum speed day • Maximum speed day • Temperature night • Temperature hysteresis night • Humidity night • Humidity hysteresis night • Minimum speed night • Maximum speed night • Negative pressure setting • Switch sensor level • Switch over time day/night

This satellite controller runs AC fans using a stepped transformer linked into the LCD controller. This means the EC controller can run AC fans as well

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