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Dirt Bag 38L (100% Recycled Fabric Pot) Pack of Five

Dirt Bag 38L (100% Recycled Fabric Pot) Pack of Five

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Quality roots = Quality fruits

Breathable grow bags have taken the market by storm. No longer should plants be subjected to tapering root systems, circling around the edges of a barren plastic pot. Dirtbags prune the roots as they meet the relatively drier fabric of the ‘pot’. This forces the root system to branch off and form more sub-lateral roots, making full volume of the media in the pot. Resulting in a much larger root mass concentrated in an area that has much preferable conditions for roots. Also, being made from recycled plastic, they are much better for the environment too.

  • Strong stitching & reinforced handles 
  • Improves root zone conditions 
  • Improves water/nutrient uptake 
  • Made with BPA free fabric to maximise airflow to the root zone 
  • Space saving for bulk storage 
  • Re-usable 
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