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Ecothrive Flourish 250ml

Ecothrive Flourish 250ml

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Less stress, more success!

The Power of Purity

Brimming with bioactive compounds and phytohormones, flourish reduces stress, improves plant growth, and unleashes bloom potential. Boost germination rates, enhance vegetative vigour, and witness stunning flower development.

100% Natural and Organic Approved Biostimulant

Extra-Refined: Remains Stable in Reservoir for Weeks

Reservoir Ready: Compatible with Soil, Coco, and Hydro

Keeps Your Plants Thriving by Increasing Stress Tolerance

Enhances Germination Rates

Boosts Vegetative Vigour

Improves Flower Development

Root feed or Foliar Spray

How to Use flourish

Unlike traditional seaweed extracts, flourish is clean and pure enough for use in all growing situations, from organic living soil to hydroponic reservoirs. Through our proprietary processing technique, we've created a unique, ultra-purified extract. Experience a clean, fully soluble, and highly stable seaweed extract that remains fresh in your hydroponic system for weeks - no fouling, no blockages, just steady support for your plants—even in the most demanding growing conditions.

Root Feed

Apply 0.25-0.5ml per litre with every watering.

Can be applied as a stand-alone feed or mixed with other nutrients and additives as part of your regular nutrient program. It is tank stable and highly compatible with other products.

Foliar Feed

Spray 10ml per litre every 10-14 days.

Works excellently as a foliar spray, particularly during key growth stages such as on new clones to promote roots, at transplant to avoid shock, during transitional growth stages between vegetative and fruiting/flower, and to protect from environmental stress. Spray on a regular 10-14 day regime.

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