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Gen200 Resin Enhancer 1L

Gen200 Resin Enhancer 1L

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Resin Enhancer

is a strong biological enhancer that stimulates the production of chlorophyll and the formation of resin and crystals. GEN200 Resin Enhancer provides all necessary nutrients, such as trace elements, vitamins, amino, fulvic and humic-acids ensuring a higher resistance, a better smell, taste and higher efficacy. Furthermore the enzymes in the product will break down dead plant material to prevent diseases and deficiencies.


Increases yield

Better taste due to higher sugar formation

Can be used on all substrates

Reduces plant stress and breaks down dead plant material

To be used with all watering systems

How to use:

50m l – 150 ml per 100 l of water

1:2000 to 1:666

Directions for use:

Shake well before each use. Add 50 ml to 150m l GEN200 Resin Enhancer to 100 liters of water. The product can be applied via the substrate. GEN200 Resin Enhancer may be applied to all kinds of plants. Keep below room temperature. Keep out of reach of children.

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