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Gold Label Coco 10L (A+B)

Gold Label Coco 10L (A+B)

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The professionals choice when growing in coco coir substrates. It's highly concentrated for longevity, and we ensure the pH stability so that natural pH shifts in the root zone won't negatively affect your results.

pH Stability

During plants growing and flowering cycles, there are natural fluctuations in the root zone's pH. If this is left unchecked, it can cause imbalances, lockouts and ultimately plant deficiencies, which in severe cases can reduce yields and quality. Gold Label coco A+B resolves this by not allowing these fluctuations to go too low or too high (pH stability) while also making sure the nutrients are chelated. Therefore, if the pH did manage to drop or spike, the plant can still use the nutrients and reduce the chance of deficiencies.

Perfect for all Coco Substrates

Gold Label Coco A+B is specially designed for use with Gold Label Coco substrate to achieve the best results. Still, it will work well in all coco mediums due to its stable pH components. Used alongside our stimulators and boosters, it will give you the best results possible in a coco substrate.

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