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Gold Label Hydro/Coco 60/40 5L (A+B)

Gold Label Hydro/Coco 60/40 5L (A+B)

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Our 60/40 A+B was developed to be used alongside our revolutionary 60/40 substrate; the nutrient is perfectly balanced for regular and extended watering cycles in systems.

Ease Of Use

If you prefer to hand-water in a 60/40 substrate, this product ensures you get the right amount of nutrients into the root zone each time you irrigate.

Substrate Specific

Typically, 60/40 coco will dry out quicker and will need watering more often. Rather than using a standard coco A+B feed, which could potentially overfeed and create lockouts, when you use our 60/40 A+B, you will get the best results every time whether hand feeding or in a system.

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