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Green Pad Grand Daddy Co2 Generator (2 Pad Pack)

Green Pad Grand Daddy Co2 Generator (2 Pad Pack)

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The Grand Daddy Pad or GDP is our largest and strongest Green Pad CO2 Generator. With the power of 4+ Original Green Pads and now an even better value.

Use the GDP's for larger gardens, use 1 GDP for each 22 cubic metres.

Use just like The Green Pads (Hang Spray and Walk Away!) but new GDP's are added every 10-12 days and leave in the oldest GDP's for up to 20-days (or more). With 2 Grand Daddy Pads in each pack you have as much CO 2 power as 8 + Green Pads. For drier climates and to keep Green Pads activated, simply add a moist sponge to a folded Green Pad. Great for gardeners who are using lots of Green Pads and now for larger grow rooms too.

And of course keeping a pack or two of these on hand for when your tank runs out or to make your tanks lasts longer or to use when you don't want the heat of your gas generators is a great idea!

Contains 2 Pads.

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