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Grow Genius Whole In One 250ml

Grow Genius Whole In One 250ml

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Whole in One

is a unique blend of nutrients and plant extracts which stimulate and support

the natural synthesis of phenolic compounds and secondary metabolites.

“Phenolic compounds are proven to reduce plant susceptibility to a range of stressors” -

Non-hazardous, Residue free,Organic.

At first signs of stress apply twice, at 2 to 4 ml / litre

one week apart, in solution or as a foliar spray.

In severe cases, repeat application weekly.

Do not exceed the recommended dose: WiO contains chelated copper, zinc and manganese to support metabolic activity.

Store in dark, cool conditions. Shake well before use: settling may occur in transit. Use within one year of opening.

Suitable for use in Organic Horticulture.

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