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Grow Switch Full On 500ml

Grow Switch Full On 500ml

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Using Full On

To maximize accelerated growth patterns, root feed Full On at least twice a week along with a weekly foliar spray. Using Full On as both a foliar and root drench creates

a synergy in the plant, utilizing Full On’s minerals and nutrients from both the leavesand the roots.

Full On can be mixed with other nutrients or added to weekly watering regimens. As every growing environment is unique, it is recommended that you initially start with

half strength (50%) salt-based base nutrients and a 20% reduction in organic base nutrients. Gradually increase PPM’s to maintain aggressive and healthy growth.

Full On will not burn plant tissue undiluted and can be applied up to 20ml/gallon if needed.

Full On can also be used in large reservoirs for everyday feeding regimens as well as aquaponics. We recommend using 2ml/gal in the reservoir.

Full On is an excellent foliar spray and will help to achieve a mineral balance in the leaves. Use 4ml to 10ml/gallon and spray both sides of leaves.

As Full On allows plants to use and convert a much higher % of nutrients present in the soil/reservoir into new plant growth, it’s important to make sure plants are fed

enough NPK’s throughout the grow cycle to avoid to nutrient deficiencies and to maintain accelerated growth and increased yields.


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