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Guanokalong Kalong Bloom 10L

Guanokalong Kalong Bloom 10L

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GK-Organics Kalong Grow & Bloom grow and flower nutrient These fertilizers contain only nitrogen and potassium, and are at their best when used in combination with Guanokalong powder (rich in phosphorus, calcium and micro-elements) in order to make up the phosphorus requirements of the plant sufficiently. Kalong Grow has more Nitrogen than Potassium and Kalong. Bloom has more Potassium than Nitrogen. Kalong Grow is based on animal proteins and sugar molasses. Kalong Bloom is based on sugar molasses. Both fertilizers don’t contain any guano and phosphorus. Guanokalong powder has an average value of 10% phosphorus. This phosphorus becomes gradually available from week 1, right up until the end of the cycle.

GK-Organics Kalong Bloom organic flower nutrient Liquid can be used in soil and Coco. Immediate release for controlled cultivation. Organic contents ensure controlled long release of nutrients. Stimulates present micro life in substrate. Non-aggressive for roots due to low salt index. Only contains products annex 2 (EEG) nr. 2092/91 organic productions.

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