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Hydro Korrel (Clay) 5L

Hydro Korrel (Clay) 5L

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Also known as hydroton, LECA balls, lightweight expanded clay pebbles and hydro corn, Hydro korrels form an ideal growing medium for hydroponics and aquaponics, and aid in soil-grown crops and house plant cultivation.

Ranging in size from 8 mm - 16 mm (1/3 - 3/5 of an inch), the porous pebbles hold plants in place when used as a growing medium, and allow for excellent oxygen penetration and moisture retention and release.

Clay pebbles may be used as the sole growing medium for plants in a hydroponic or aquaponic system, or used as a soil additive for soil-grown crops, breaking up heavy clay soils and helping with retaining proper moisture levels.

Clay pebbles may also be used as a decorative top dressing for landscaping and for house plants, where they will help to slow moisture evaporation.

Composed completely of clay that's heated in high temperatures in a manufacturing furnace, expanded clay pebbles are sterile and free of phytotoxic materials.

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