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Hyshield 500ml

Hyshield 500ml

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Why Grow with  HYSHIELD™ 

Overall Benefits: Improves plant health : Plant Growth Enhancer & Accelerates plant growth : Fights Fungal infections : Enhances plants ability to survive in high heat, cold stress and drought conditions : Ability to lower plants water intake : Eliminates the need for synthetic pesticides :Boosts Plants Immune System Natural Pest Management : Reduces transpiration without lowering crop output : Created from Natural Product : Improve Quality of Flowers and Fruit : Barrier against mold, bacteria and viruses : Boosts seed and clone development

What is Chitosan

Chitosan is derived from chitin which is found in the  exoskeletons of shellfish such as shrimp, lobster or crabs. 

Chitosan is considered environmentally friendly for  agricultural use as its easily degradable and non toxic to humans. 

Chitosan has been shown to induce/elicit natural  defense responses in plants and its has been used as a natural compound to control pre and post harvest pathogenic diseases. 

It has been shown that fungal, bacterial and viral plant  pathogens may be controlled by chitosan application. 

Chitosan has also been shown to increase yields,  independent of pathogenic disease control, research has shown that chitosan increases the flavonoids and terpenoids in herbaceous resin producing plants.

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