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Lava-Lite Hydro-Gro+ 3 Litre

Lava-Lite Hydro-Gro+ 3 Litre

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Hydroponic growth requires a stable controlled environment, which can often be difficult to manage, but with HYDRO-GRO+ you have complete control. Its composition encourages root distribution and strength and as a pH neutral, 100% natural, chemically inert media, it provides the perfect base for full control of the addition of feeds, nutrients and any introduced fertilisers.

Additionally to this, HYDRO-GRO+ soil-less growth reduces the associated issues of soil borne diseases, whilst encouraging beneficial bacteria or microbe colonisation. The product can be reused, offering a high crop cycle with complete control, from seedling through to harvest.

Choosing HYDRO-GRO+ is an absolute must to ensure you have complete control over your hydroponics.

Key Benefits

100% natural hydroponic grow media

Eco friendly

pH neutral

Reduces risk of soil borne diseases

Encourages delicate root growth

Provides ideal balance between drainability, moisture retention and gas exchange in the root zone

Porous nature supports beneficial bacteria and microbe colonisation

Soft edges of stones will not damage delicate new roots, promoting growth

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