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Lava-Lite No-Slugs 3 Litre

Lava-Lite No-Slugs 3 Litre

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Why kill slugs when LAVA-LITE NO-SLUGS offers a caring alternative, preserving your plants by creating a ring of protection that slugs and snails don’t like to cross. NO-SLUGS is a highly absorbent material that both deters the attackers and protects your plants.

Should the slug choose to attempt to cross the material and not make it, any predator consuming the slug can do so without fear of poisoning. NO-SLUGS is a naturally derived non-toxic product; child, pet and animal-safe. It contains no chemicals or pesticides and can be safely dug into the soil, offering fringe benefits of soil aeration. Choosing NO SLUGS is a sound ecological decision, giving your unwanted visitors a choice to simply move on.

Key Benefits

100% natural

Eco friendly

No chemicals or pesticides

Child and pet safe

Non toxic

Will not harm aquatic life


Protects plants

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