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Maxibright LED 120cm (4ft) 4 Tube Propagation Fixture (T5)

Maxibright LED 120cm (4ft) 4 Tube Propagation Fixture (T5)

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Maxibright T5 LED Propagation Light: 120cm (4ft) 4 Tube

Experience healthier seedlings, thriving plants, and robust growth with Maxibright T5 LED lighting fixtures. With a 6500K colour temperature, mimicking natural sunlight, and a highly reflective aluminium reflector ensuring superior light quality, and uniform distribution. Creating an ideal growing environment with minimal heat output.

Save up to 50% on energy costs compared to traditional T5 fluorescent tubes, Our T5 LED fixtures are eco-friendly and cost-effective, with a prolonged lifespan for year-round benefits.

Easy installation with 2 x hanging points allows flexible setup - either horizontally or vertically - giving your indoor garden the personal touch it deserves.

  • Supplied with 4 x 41W T5 LED Lamps
  • PPF: 266 ?mol/s
  • Colour Temperature: 6500K
  • 2 x hanging points (hang horizontally or vertically)
  • 3.1m power cable

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