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Maxibright Powerhouse 6 Way Contactor IT

Maxibright Powerhouse 6 Way Contactor IT

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Maxibright Powerhouse Lighting Contactors

These light control units are assembled in the UK to strict European CE standards. Built with Heavy Duty GE Contactors that will protect the timer to ensure accurate lighting control.


Powerhouse Control Units have independent switches on all sockets, Maxibright Precision Timers and a durable metal casing that can be wall or pole mounted.

A stand out feature is the heater socket, few other contactors offer this function.

These contactors are available as 4,6 or 8 socket versions(plus extra socket for heater).


High capacity contactors have 2 plugs to distribute the electrical load, always connect to independent 13 amp sockets. Never plug these contactors into multiplugs or similar.

Lighting can be turned on and off at set intervals, using the timer, or manually.

When the lights are off the heater socket becomes active, this allows the use of a 2kw Greenhouse Heater, oil filled radiator or similar to avoid low temperatures during lights off.

The heater socket can be used to control anything(up to 2kw) that you want on during the dark period, such as dehumifiers.

Heavy duty contactors

Heater socket up to 2kw

Precision timer

4kw capacity

Wall or pole mountable

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